How can you help others at christmas time?


Owen Mathias Photography
Owen Mathias Photography – Science Cream



Christmas is descending onto Cardiff City Centre with Winter Wonderland, christmas lights and late night shopping bringing vibrancy and joy to the thriving city centre. At Christmas time we feel as though it is important to remember those in need, and at the Castle Quarter Arcades we are lucky enough to be home to Science Cream, who are taking on a very special role this winter, 2015.


This year, Science Cream are a drop off point for a wonderful initiative; Project Shoebox. We spoke to Carly, owner of Science Cream, and asked her why she wanted to get involved.


“So Carly, what is Project Shoebox?”


Carly: “Project Shoebox is a way for the people of Cardiff to take part in a real act of kindness. The project is asking for the public to hunt through their toiletry draws and dig out some unused and unwanted cosmetics and toiletries to give to women in Cardiff shelters. It was set up by a really inspirational woman called Mali Taylor Powell”.


“That sounds like such an incredible thing to do! What are the kind of things that they are looking for?”


Carly: “Well, usually these women who arrive as refugee’s are battered, bruised and only have the clothes on their back. Project Shoebox are looking for those essential items, feminine care products, toothbrushes, moisturiser, deodorant, soap.. anything that is going to add a little bit of luxury to their Christmases. Even if it is just something small like a toothbrush, or maybe even a lipgloss. It’s something to show you care, that they are not forgotten and that they are being taken care of.”


“Why did you, as Science Cream, want to get involved with the shoebox project?”


Carly: “Its obviously an awesome thing to be involved in. We are all girls here, except for one! Thats not to say it’s an all girls club though. It would be amazing to get the boys helping too! But we felt that we were in an ideal position to reach out and support the Cardiff refugee women, since a lot of our client base is female too. ”

Carly goes on to say: “We are very lucky being in the position that we are in, we have a really great following so we thought we’d put it to good use and help out in anyway we could.”


I ask: “So what are you doing with the Project Shoebox?”


Carly tells me: “We are a drop off point for the christmas boxes, which means that you can bring them here and we’ll do the rest for you. We’re mostly making sure that we raise awareness and that the lovely gifts reach women in need this Christmas.”


“So how many are you hoping to collect for the project?”


Carly: “There has been huge enthusiasm about what they’re doing and we’re hoping to collect as many boxes as possible. There’s no limit, as I have a van which I would love to be able to fill to take to these women in time for Christmas.”


“So what your opening hours, so the kind people of Cardiff know when to drop in?”


Carly: “We are open Wednesday through to Sunday from 12pm until 6pm, and 5pm Sunday. It’s probably worth mentioning that if you bring in a box for someone else, we’ll give you a FREE ICE CREAM. Anything on the menu too, including our seasonal menu which is looking particularly tasty this year”.


“So, there’s more to come? What are you bringing to the Castle Quarter this Christmas?”


Carly: “Chocolate truffled mince pie which is saturated with sultanas, port, congac, double cream. We also have Vanilla Chestnut Cream… which is filled with roasted chestnuts. Christmas tree flavour! It’s all about the pine sugar.. it glows in the dark too which is pretty incredible… And we also have some delicious Clementine Ice-cream, which is 100% Dairy free.”


“And can we look forward to seeing you anywhere else this year?”


Carly: “We’re going to be at depot every weekend until New years eve! We’re so excited to be back. We’re also taking bookings for Christmas parties, which is going to be really great fun!”



“There’s plenty going on then..?!”


Carly: “Yeah, just about ha! But we love it. Christmas is here, and ice cream is for every occasion. But we are super pleased to be able to help out with the Project Shoebox guys. It’s so important to give to others at this time of year, and if you can grab yourself a free ice cream in the process, then thats even better right!?”




Find out more about Project Shoebox HERE.